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Finding Troy Texas churches does not necessarily have to be a painful process. Most cities in the U.S. have a wide variety of Christian churches to choose from. If your background is Methodist, Baptist, Presbyterian, or Catholic, chances are there is a church in your city that may suit your needs for a local congregation. In many larger churches in Troy Texas a variety of independent expressions of faith will also be available. Whether you prefer a traditional worship style or one of the many more contemporary expressions, chances are there will be numerous churches in your Troy to choose from. The key to finding a church in Troy is determining what is important to you. For instance, if personal interaction is a priority, than churches with a strong small group ministry may be a favorable option. To find a Troy Texas church, click on the link listed below.

 First Assembly Of God Church 720 West Main Street Troy, TX 76579 (254)938-2268 
 Grant Chapel Missionary Baptist Church Old Waco Highway Troy, TX 76579 (254)938-2383 
 Troy Church Of Christ 6 West Bell Street Troy, TX 76579 (254)938-2576 
 Troy United Methodist Church 303 Church Street Troy, TX 76579 (254)938-2364 
 Troy United Methodist Church Pastors Study 303 Church Street Troy, TX 76579 (254)938-2365